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Possessions can be replaced, people can't. Unfortunately theft and accidents do happen, be safe and access the situation from the safety of your mobile device or remote browser and alert the authorities and download the evidence.

Children - Home Alone?

Take some of the guess work out of parenting. Is the milestone reached when they are old enough to be at home alone – however it is early days and you are not 100% comfortable with it? Not sure if they are doing their homework as promised or watching TV? Now you can easily check from anywhere. Don't worry if you don't have time to check in you can record, download and view later. Reward good behaviour and be able to provide unbiased and irrefutable evidence of what actually occurred when something… not so good happens.

Can't Be There?

Watch from anywhere via app or browser. While you are away, set a timed or a continuous recording schedule and email or SMS alerts for motion detection and if need be, video evidence will be available for download.

Peace of Mind

You can't always be there in person, however this is the next best thing. Watch anytime from anywhere. Set email or SMS alerts for motion detection and also masks for areas of traffic. See what they are up to when you are not there – and if required video evidence will be available for download of any capers. As will photo evidence as attached to your email notification as set.

Trades People, Contractors and Cleaners

If you can't be there – keep an eye on the situation via motion detection alerting and recordings. Did they turn up / turn up when they said / work till when they said, with the team and materials as charged for? Did they treat your house and belongings with respect? Increase safety and security on site, as well as deterring theft, vandalism, frivolous law suits and insurance claims.

Sleep Training

If you are having sleep issues, high stress and sleep deprivation can become unbearable and unhealthy for all parties. Responding at the right time and in the correct way, is essential in modifying their sleep behaviour to a more favourable one. You can rest assured that your child is safe and secure and that there are no physical dangers by checking on screen, instead of constantly responding in person. You can also provide secure live 3rd party access for assistance and training, as well as being able to download the recordings for review.

Theft Deterrent

Increase your security and safety. Visible cameras deter vandals who do not wish to have their identity exposed.

Identify Thieves

Video evidence allows for identification of perpetrators and determines time and circumstances surrounding the incident.


Miss them and stuck at work or away from home? Then check in and feel instantly connected. Recordings and snapshots are downloadable to keep and also to share.


Family and friends overseas or interstate then let them log in and feel connected. This is great from a fun aspect. Share with a select group with the security of password protection.

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