Aged Care

Transition from Independence to Dependence

This next step in life is one that needs to be treated with as much respect and dignity as possible. Privacy and respectful distance is sometimes a hard act to balance with your need to know your loved ones are safe and secure. Mangocam can ease the transition for all parties and allow you to discretely set motion alerts and entrance and exit to start and the should the need be easily progress to other motion alerts for falls or movement from one area to another etc.

Peace of Mind for When You are Not There

You can't always be there in person, however this is the next best thing. Watch anytime from anywhere. Set email or SMS alerts for motion detection and also masks for areas of traffic. Check that all is ok. If needed video is available for download as well as snapshots.

Assess the Situation Without Interference

Discreet distance is key and you will not have to intrude when potentially not wanted if you are able to check from afar. Check in from anywhere, anytime.

Multi User Access for Viewing

Share access with your family and carer group which is secure and password protected.


Possessions can be replaced, people can't. Unfortunately theft and accidents do happen, be safe and access the situation from the safety of your mobile device or remote browser and alert the authorities and download the evidence.


Provide legal and irrefutable proof of any incident for insurance purposes. Your recordings will allow for real time capture of any incident and the identification of any parties involved. Proof will be provided pre and post incident from recordings. Insurance premiums are lowered when a recording system in place and this also acts as a deterrent to potential frivolous lawsuits.

Theft Deterrent

Increase your security and safety. Visible cameras deter vandals who do not wish to have their identity exposed.

Identify Thieves

Video evidence allows for identification of perpetrators and determines time and circumstances surrounding the incident.

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