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Global Cloud Hosted Service

Globally hosted cloud IP camera recording means you can access and download your video streams from anywhere in the world at anytime. With intuitive timezone controls you can easily access streams across borders with the correct time stamp. Cloud hosted IP video also means that data is stored across data centers all over the world so you can get instant access to video without having to worry about where you are.

  • You can view cameras and download footage from wherever you are - anywhere in the world
  • Cameras can be located anywhere across the Internet, so you are not restricted to country or zone
  • We accept USD, GBP, EUR and AUD
  • Time zones are configurable
  • Fast and responsive service as our servers are located in multiple data centers across the globe - increasing redundancy and allowing for faster (lower latency) local connections and depending on your location you can select your preferred server location
  • Highly available and resilient hosting platform ensures secure and reliable video storage
  • Mature service with more than 6 years of experience securing our customer's video data

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