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Recording, Viewing & Sharing

When it comes to recording, viewing, downloading and embedding video footage - whether it be simple or complex, we have you covered. No two recording requirements are the same, from a single camera in one location to multiple cameras in multiple locations globally. Depending on your needs you can record daily or at certain times by setting schedules. These schedules can be prioritized and set to motion detection only or continuous recording, or both. Once video is recorded, watch via our App or your browser and if a copy is needed choose the quality and download as AVI video or JPEG images as a zip file. At Mangocam we don't like slow Internet connections so we have made sure that if you are embedding or sharing live video on your website or blog, you can do so securely but without impacting your Internet connection.

  • Recording via schedules
  • Recording via motion detection
  • Live viewing
  • Download video recordings
  • Multiple user viewing
  • Embed in your site
  • Multiple camera recording in multiple locations
  • Permanently save video footage for evidence
  • Video can be saved in different formats and quality levels - depending on your preference. AVI or JPEG images as a zip file are currently available
  • Thieves will not be able to steal your computer / hard disk / recording device along with your goods as it is not located on site - it will be stored in the cloud with Mangocam
  • You are able to have an unlimited number of schedules allowing you to adjust the motion detection and recording to your requirements
  • Different priorities for schedules can be set to allow for complex scheduling if required
  • Share access to the live stream with multiple users which is great in retail, day-care and tele-care situations
  • Unlimited view and concurrent users allows for all users in your group to keep watch any time and from anywhere
  • Share your camera's live stream securely on your site / blog without impacting your Internet connection
  • Sharing such as this is secure and allows you to do so without giving away your camera access details

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